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Footbag StoreCollectors Set - Next Business Day Shipping
Collectors Set Best Buy in the Store
Just $99

$170 Value - SAVE $71 !
Contents: 16 footbags, "Footbag Dance" & Pouchee, all in a Giant Pouchee
122P Matrix
92P Gladiator
62P Leather Niagara
26P Sirius - sand filled
FireFly - glows in dark
6P Leather Sundancer
6P Sandancer - sand filled
62P Niagara
Stalling Star - sand filled, 2 1/2 in
Super Stalling Star - sand filled, 3 in
6P Dex
6P Dex (sand filled)
6P Neo
6P Neo (sand filled)
5P deCinco
6P Sundancer
"Footbag Dance" instruction book
Pouchee carrier

All in a Giant Pouchee!

Unless stated above footbags are synthetic suede with polyethylene beads filler

Footbag designs created by staff or manufacturer and come in assorted colors
Shipping and Handling Charges More than 10 footbags requires extra shipping
$ 0.00 to $ 9.99 $5.00
$10.00 to $ 49.99 $5.00
$50.00 and above Free
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