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What is Freestyle Footbag?

Freestyle footbag kicking is just that: FREE STYLE. You develop your own style of kicking just as in other sports athletes have developed their own style within the framework of the discipline itself.
Click here for an article on FREE STYLE.

Is There a Style That Serves All Types of Kicking Well?

YES, there is a basic style for all kicking - Bloughchi. With the Bloughchi style you can play a better net game, do better stalling tricks, and most of all you can develop your very own individual style - the keynote of freestyle. Developed by Steve "Danceman" Blough and named by his trainees, Bloughchi is over 20 years old. It has a specific stance, stresses stretching exercises, and encourages outside and back kicks. It also has a philosophy and is supported by a research paper that documents the positive fitness and mental acuity of eye-foot coordination created by footbag kicking as well as the positive social aspects of doing it in a non-competitive environment. The Blougchi style provides a sound basis for any type of footbag kicking and works well for informal and formal venues.

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