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Informal Footbag Games

We accept informal games submissions and occasionally a prize is awarded. Submit to

  1. Kick Back - kicking the footbag against the backstop of a handball court, alone or with others. Needs a very firm footbag to bounce back. You can keep a simple score or not.
  2. Copy Cat - in a circle, each consecutive kicker does the previous kick the same way and then adds his/her own kick or sequence of kicks, with the next kicker repeating that sequence of kicks and adding one more, and so on.
  3. Round Robin - first kicker kicks the footbag once (passes it), second kicker kicks it twice (passing on the second kick), third kicker kicks it three times (passing on the third kick), and so on.
  4. Survivor Hack - You need a good sized circle for this to be fun. Every three drops someone is voted out of the circle. The last two people in the circle have a "hack-off" and whoever can keep it up the longest wins the game.
  5. Three Hack Whack - In a circle a kicker kicks the footbag three times and then kicks it at someone and if it hits them, that person is out. If the person manages to keep from being hit and instead kicks it three times then he/she can kick it at someone, etc. The winner is the one left when every one else is out.
    ** We don't recommend ever kicking the footbag to try to hit someone.
  6. Runbum - All the circle participants run in a direction while kicking the footbag at least once. If it hits the ground then go back to where you began and start again. See how far you can get.
    ** Appears this could also be done by a single kicker to practice traveling and making the kick.
  7. Not Sorry - If anyone in the circle says, "I'm sorry," when he/she misses a kick then he/she or they have to buy the next round of refreshment of the circle's choice.
  8. SAPP - Each kicker has to kick the footbag a predetermined (by the circle) number of times and then passes it to another player. If, rather than kicking the footbag, it hits the player and then the ground that receiving player gets a letter (first letter is S, second is A, third is P, fourth is P). If it hits the receiving player and then another player (who fails to kick it), and then it hits the ground then both those players get a letter. If the receiver kicks the footbag rather than being hit by it, and it then dropping to the ground, he/she has to get the predetermined number of kicks and then pass it to another player, and so on. The game is over when only one kicker is left who does not have all the letters SAPP or first person to get all the letters SAPP has to face a wall and let all the other players throw their footbags at them.
    ** Sounds good but perhaps encourages kickers to try to hit the receiver and we don't recommend ever kicking or throwing the footbag at someone.
  9. Fire, Wind, Water - If you kick the footbag a predetermined (by the circle) number of times, you can then grab it and throw it at someone. If you hit them you get a point.
    ** We don't recommend ever throwing the footbag to try to hit someone.
  10. Mortal - Once each person in the circle has kicked the footbag, it is deemed "mortal." When it is "mortal" then if someone is hit by the footbag when it is passed to them rather than kicking it before it hits the ground, they're out.
  11. Double Down - The game is meant for two. You must get a double hack, before attempting to pass the footbag to the competitor close enough that he/she can easily reach it, but trying to kick it in a way that makes it impossible to return. The game causes the player to concentrate long enough to get a simple hack before going to the competitive side of the game. Once getting a double hack this sets up the scoring opportunity, then the player attempts to make their opponent miss the next shot. The first player to score 15 or 21 wins. The best thing about this game is that it is simple to play, easy to understand and wonderfully fun because as soon as you WIN a point, you have to get enough control to get a double hack again to create another scoring opportunity. To add more players, the points are awarded to the one that passes the footbag to another opponent in the same manner as in a two-player game. Scoring opportunities are generated after a single hack, plus one pass that is missed.
    ** A competitive but friendly way to practice getting better control of the footbag. Question though: does the scoring kicker get to always serve, does the serve alternate, or does the one who doesn't score get the next serve?
  12. Switch - This is done in a large circle of kickers. You can only kick the footbag once and then you MUST pass it off to another kicker. If the kicker you passed to tries to kick the footbag but misses it he or she is out. (Note: you can choose not to kick a pass without being out). You play on until there are two players left and as soon as one of them goes for it and misses the kick, he or she is out and the last one is the winner.
  13. Squares - You need 4 to 10, 2.5 metre long squares connected and numbered on the ground. The player in the top square kicks the footbag to anyone in the lower squares. That person kicks it on until it hits the ground in someone's square. The person in that square where the footbag was dropped moves to the bottom square. Then everyone below that square moves up one square to fill the gap.
  14. The Monkey - A game for 3 or more players. One player is the monkey and stands in the middle of the circle. The other players kick as normal. If an outer rim player kicks the footbag and the monkey makes foot contact with it, the player who made the intercepted pass is now the new monkey and moves to the middle. A firm footbag is recommended for this game.
  15. Horse - The first person to kick tries to do a trick, and if he succeeds the opponent has to match the trick. If the second player does not match the trick then he/she gets a letter. The first player to spell "horse" loses.
  16. Truffle Shuffle - Get in a circle and someone serve the footbag normally, but after anyone kicks it, he or she has to immediately move into a new position in the circle. It can get hectic.
  17. Elimination - The starting person in the circle kicks the footbag as many times consecutively as he/she can. Once he/she misses a kick the footbag goes to the next person to kick and that person must kick the footbag consecutively at least as many times as the first kicker and then more if possible. The third person must kick the footbag as many times as the second person and more if possible, and so on. When a kicker cannot make as many consecutive kicks as the previous kicker then he/she is out. Play continues as such until there is only one kicker who is left."
    ** We recommend that the first one out is the one to begin the next round.
  18. Don't Miss! -Two kickers play this game with the first one serving the footbag to the other kicker. If the second kicker tries to kick it and misses he loses, but they keep kicking the footbag back and forth until someone misses it and that person is the loser.
    ** This is great for new footbag kickers with about the same amount of skill to help them develop their abilities.
  19. Challenge - This teaches stamina, memorization, and new styles according to its players. The first kicker does freestyle kicking until dropping the footbag. The other payers must imitate the first kicker's series of moves. Those that fail to do so receive a letter (starting with C to ultimately spell the word CHALLENGE). Once everyone has had a turn trying to repeat the first kicker's series of moves, the second kicker does a series of moves until he/she drops the footbag and the others players try to copy that series of moves receiving another letter if they fail. If a kicker receives all the letters in CHALLENGE he/she is out. This goes on until one kicker remains who is the winner.
    ** This is great for new footbag kickers with about the same amount of skill to help them develop their abilities. This is a more developed version of Copy Cat above and would indeed help kickers learn different personal styles of freestyle and push them in their development. Great idea!
  20. Hockey Hack - With two players one is the goalie. Use a hockey net (or improvise). The player on offense starts behind a marker which is placed a suitable distance from the goal (10-15 yards is good but it should depend on how good the kickers are). The offensive player gets 5 tries to score and he/she must kick it three times before trying to kick it into the goal. The goaltender can only block with his/her head, chest, or feet/legs. NO ARMS OR HANDS. After the offensive player has his five tries, the two players switch places and the former goaltender has five tries. The player with the most goal points at the end of two sets of tries is the winner. Should there be a tie, each player gets two more tries and the kicker with the most points at the end wins (and so on should the tie continue). You can play the best of 7, 9, 11... games whatever you want to do. You can also tweak this game for three players by having two players try to score while one plays automatic goaltender the entire game (it's real fun to be goaltencer). For some final options, you might want to add a small crease around the goal so attacking players can't hack it right into the goal easily.
    ** We have thanked this game submitter for first submitting the game and then answering our comment questions to clarify the game, by awarding him a leather Niagara. You can still send in games and maybe you'll get a prize too!
  21. No Hands - Hands are not used at all. The footbag must be started on the ground by someone's foot. Once it is up, you keep it going around the circle. The passer or the receiver can get out. If the footbag is dropped, a vote is taken on whether the passer or receiver should be taken out of the game. It keeps going until there is one person left, making him/her the winner. If there is a miss during a pass, then the vote is taken. If there is a drop during a routine that person is automatically out.
    ** We have thanked this game submitter for first submitting the game and then answering our comment questions to clarify the game, by awarding him a leather Sundancer.
  22. Number of Choice - Each kicker tries to get a predetermined number of kicks without a drop (the name of the games changes with the number chosen: like, "11", or "20", or "5". If a kicker drops the footbag the next person goes and when he/she drops it the next person goes and so on. Once a kicker kicks the predetermined number the footbag has to be caught. If you don't remember to catch it then you start all over at "0". You can play with any number of people, the more the better.
    ** We like the idea of the game name changing to the number chosen.
  23. Push - This is played by first just starting out in a normal circle with people passing to each other. When someone drops the footbag (misses a kick) they must do ten, or any number predetermined, push ups. When that person has done the push ups he/she starts the kicking again. When someone gets up to 50, or a predetermined number, of pushups total, they are out and the game keeps going until there is one person remaining who is the winner. Winner decides who starts the kicking for the next round.
    ** Boy, this would really give kickers a good workout!
  24. Tech - The point of the game is to see how original your tricks and stalling are. Select 2 or 3 judges: one for basic tricks, one for stalls, and one for combo performance (e.g. rainbow to hind kick to knee to chest stall). Points are awarded.
    ** How do you determine the points though? Certainly encourages new moves!
  25. Pick a Trick - This is for 2 or more players. The group takes turns to pick a trick, 1 person at a time. If the picker does the trick the first time, then the rest of the group must do the exact same trick. If they do not do the trick in three attempts then they get a letter from a word the group decided before the start of the game (i.e. FOOTBAG). The last person after the others are out is the winner.
    ** Question - if the picker does not do the trick he/she picked do they also get a letter?!
  26. The Weakest Link - This is for 3 or more people. The group tries to keep the footbag up for as long as possible. After the bag has dropped 3 times, each person votes for the person they think is the worst. He/she is then out. This continues until there are only 2 people left then the spectators vote who they think should be declared the winner.
  27. Dimension - This game is for 2 or more players. The players get into a circle and the chosen beginner (last winner?) starts the play by first hitting the footbag with his/her hand then kicking it. The others in the circle try to intercept the footbag first with a hand and then by kicking it. Once a player hits it with their foot, that player must wait to try to intercept the footbag again until someone else first hits it with his/her hand and then his/her foot. If someone hits the footbag after another player hits it with his/her hand 2 points is awarded to the person's whose play was interrupted. When a player hits it with his hand and then his foot successfully he/she receives one point. You play until someone has 10 points.
    ** A really challenging game requiring control and remembering to hit with the hand first and then with the foot and not to kick the footbag when someone else has hit it already with his/her hand. Requires keeping a lot of factors in mind and use of all the limbs and moving to location of interception - really a challening and good game for many, many reasons. Thanks to B H who will receive a free Leather Sundancer for letting us know about this game!
  28. Add On - You can have from 2 to however many players you want. It starts when the first player hits the footbag a predetermined number of times, then the next player hits the foottbag one more than that. Example: the first number is 1, then the next player hits it twice, then the third three times, so on and so forth. When a player doesn't reach the number in two tries added together, the next player can try to get that number. If he/she does, the last player is out. If that player fails, the next player can try until the footbag is all the way back to the first player to miss it, then they move to the next number.
    ** This could get very interesting and we had two people send in this game!
  29. Bag in the Basket - This requires fairly proficient kickers. Two or more players position themselves inside the three-point arch of a hoop on a basketball court. The first player serves it, and then the second player must hit it a predetermined number of times and then shoot at the hoop. A bouncier footbag (firmer) is needed for this game. The player who reaches a certain number of points first wins. This would help a person's control of the footbag and in making pinpoint longer passes.
    ** We assume that the serves must alternate after a point is made. This indeed would help with control and is quite a challenge.
  30. War Hack - For this game to be fun you have to have around five kickers but the minimum is three. One person throws the hack into play and then the circle of people try to keep it up. Once the sack has been hit at least two times by a single kicker or by the entire group it can be kicked at anyone. If the sack is dropped, someone picks it up and throws it back into play. If the sack hits someone and that person doesn't manage to kick it or touch it with his/her foot before it hits the ground that person is out. You continue to play until there are two people left. Once there are two people left you have a rally to see who can kick it the most times without stalling. Whoever kicks it the most is the winner. If your circle is good you can play without stalls. If your circle is not the greatest you can play with hack ins. A hack in is a way to get back into the game. To do so you must kick the sack while you are outside of the circle.
    ** Points out how hard it is to keep the footbag in play instead of stalling it, which is why lots of new kickers stall: because it is easier to do. does not recommend ever kicking the footbag with the intent of hitting a person.
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