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Please also read our editorial - Keeping the Artistry.

Footbag kicking is a Gentleman's and Gentlewoman's sport for the masses. It is a democratic sport for all people of all ages. It has grace and symmetry, inspires cooperation and teaches positive socialization, and is inexpensive (Steve "Danceman" Blough long ago coined the term "pocket gymnasium" for a footbag). And it is fun! The whole world is doing it. New organizations in various countries appear online all the time (think how many are still not online!). Kicking a footbag is a growing planetary phenomenun not just a U.S. one.

Some people want to compete to get "one up" on an opponent. That can also be done with a footbag but we suggest that the highest good from this amazing sport comes from the cooperation seen in circle kicking and footbag dance rather than from competition. This world has been ravaged by competitive forces. Some kingdom wanting another's natural resources and territory. Someone wanting what the Jones' next door have and more. Someone wanting whatever will put them in a "superior" position. This has caused wars, angry confrontations, discrimination, and competitive sports.

>Unlike a lot of other sports, footbag kicking allows the athlete to compete with him/herself while enjoying the social aspects of kicking a footbag in conjunction with other people. This sport can literally help bring the world together peacefully, a world that is incredibly smaller now with modern technology. Humanitarians, ecologists, and environmentalists everywhere are calling out to the dwellers on this planet to unite in peace and harmony. Competition is opposed to that and yet some of us seem to be competitive creatures, psychologically seeking, always wanting to prove ourselves better than others./P>

Footbag kicking is an activity in which a person can compete against him/herself. As all kickers would say, plateaus are reached. The first one is always, "How many times can I kick the footbag and keep it in the air?" But it goes way beyond that simple but challenging goal which requires lots of practice and a good control of the footbag. By always competing with his/her own skill, one achieves grounding and harmony from within much as the study of martial arts develops.

The practical aspect of this sport is an expression that physically connects with the earth over and over again, at once grounding the kicker and freeing the footbag from gravity, for awhile. It is a singular, peaceful and harmonious connection between the kicker and the footbag that translates into activity for the sake of harmony and individual fitness rather than for the sake of winning.

There are people who can "win" at sports competition and those that cannot for whatever reason. But if anyone is physically sound enough to kick a footbag that person can compete with him/herself for a lifetime of fitness, challenging his/her own best kicking. Circle kickers and footbag dancers are aware of the symmetry, grace, harmony, and inner grounding that this style brings to their lives. They know that their approach to people becomes at once more respectful of another's personal territory and more sociable by gentle and loving interaction as opposed to hostile efforts to usurp control of the footbag and vainglory that are the goals of competition.

Every day we all have to face life, the often drudgery of it, the flaring of tempers, competition, and fear in the work place, road rage and all the rest of it in the quest for personal security for ourselves and our families. Kicking a footbag is a space inside that daily toil that promises physical joy of an ongoing nature, fun and agreeable interaction with others as in a kicking circle, and is good for a lifetime of fitness.

Footbag dancers reach various levels of ability -- all along the way it is a study in grace and being in sync with the footbag and perhaps music as well. We long for others to know this peaceful yet exhilarating experience that can reach levels a novice cannot comprehend at the beginning of their footbag kicking journey.

At we are eager to go to the level of beginning students to encourage and instruct them in the basics of the Bloughchi style as they become interested in this gentle sport. The "Bloughchi - a Renaissance of Modern Movement" paper in this site, written by Steve "Danceman" Blough, reveals the thinking of professionals in psychology and neurology and what they have to say about the benefits of eye-foot coordination as well as what they have to say about the benefits of kicking a footbag in a socially cooperative manner rather than in a competitive one, especially as it impacts impressionable children. Cooperation is an attitude and one we support in the arena of footbag kicking. It takes two, or more, to cooperate. It also takes the ability to not compete or lock horns ad infinitum but rather to recognize the full gamut of life, expression, and humanity. Cooperation is equalitarian, never putting one over another, it is axiomatically non-competitive.

These attitudes are why we put up this site even though we had to teach ourselves everything that needed to be known to begin it and to continue to make it better. At request we are beginning to sell footbag gear as there are many places in the world where a footbag is hard to find.

In a nutshell, we believe by what we have seen of the joy, the good humor, and the decency of footbag dancers, that kicking a footbag is a profoundly personal and grounding experience with very great and positive societal ramifications. As far as competition goes, we do not believe that competition is inherent in the human being and we feel competition is at the bottom of the problems between human beings. So, while we recognize the right of others to compete we do not support it or teach it. If everyone respected one another's territory (of whatever kind), which is taught by the Bloughchi style, then there would be no need for competition.

We think and believe that footbag kicking of whatever kind is good but we also promote the idea that non-competitive kicking is the highest form of good in this sport because it can help produce a more peaceful world. That's our position. So, however you want to be involved is up to you but we want you to know that you can find supreme enjoyment in non-competitive footbag kicking. Also, that it is important for your health and safety that you have some instruction in stance, stretches, and basic kicks. That is why Danceman allowed his book "Footbag Dance" to be published online. It was published in hardback in 1984 and is copywrited with the Library of Congress.

Most of all, footbag kicking is a democratic sport. If you own a footbag or make one with a sock and dirt or rice, you can begin kicking anywhere in the world. You can literally kick a footbag to the betterment of your own health and the society in which you live because of the grounding that non-competitive footbag kicking can give to you, the physical control and grace it can give to you, and the peaceful nature it will give to you if you can do it for the sake of synchronicity rather than for competition. It is not a head game, it is a foot game. As far as being involved in events anywhere, simply request or plan "Exhibitions" and encourage kickers in your region to enter them as an exhibitor of their graceful flowing movements with a footbag, separately or coopreatively with others. For help in planning an event click here and read the ideas in the box entitled "Event Planning" which is at the bottom of the article: "Try Forgetting About Competition."

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