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Guest Article 2

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Article 2: "A Kick for Footbag" by D. W. ("The Foot")

When I first started playing I was not at all very good and I actually felt a little stupid kicking around a bag. However, within two weeks I had gotten all of my friends to play and it caught on all around my school. We played every morning, at lunch, and after school before footbag games and eventually we all improved. My story is about something that happened to me one early morning at school.

We had all gathered inside the building and we were kicking around a footbag. Naturally we had a few new people and one of them happened to be one of my good friends but he was a little inexperienced, a Freshman. He was looking to impress us all, and he might have if he hadn't made a mistake. You see, we had this crazy concept that the cool thing to do was to kick the bag really high to hit the ceiling. I had recently just started freestyling and the only move I was capable of doing was the neck stall.

We started a rally and we got a hack so I decided to try my move but at the same time my Freshman friend leaned back and spotted the bag. He wound up for a hard toe kick right as I lowered my head to catch the bag on my neck. He made contact with my nose and I heard everyone in the room gasp as I stumbled backwards, doubling over in pain. Someone caught me because they thought I was going to fall down. I just could not believe I had been kicked in the face with boots but it happened, and it hurt so I asked if some people would get me paper towels to clean it off. I cleaned up and walked around for a week with a painful nose but I didn't tell anyone in the administration office because I knew they would ban footbag at school. I'd just like to say that I took a kick for footbag! commment: This shows how really dangerous kicking can be if everyone is not very careful, courteous, and controlled when they kick!

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