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Article 1: "Footbag Friends - Join IFPA" by Tina Lewis

Footbag friends, family, and afficionados consider becoming a member of the International Footbag Players Assocication (IFPA)! It's a simple way to support all aspects of the sport of footbag (often called hacky sack), both competitive and non-competitive players, by becoming part of this non-profit association of footbag players.

IFPA is a major milestone in the development of the sport of footbag. IFPA is a membership-based, not-for-profit , international governing body for the sport of footbag that is run exclusively by volunteers and players. IFPA welcomes all the help and participation it can get - it is truly a players' association.

The Goals of the IFPA
1. To provide consistency in footbag competition around the world.
2. To educate the public about footbag on a global scale.
3. To provide centralized assistance to players and footbag event organizers (of ALL forms), AND
4. To obtain recognition of the sport of footbag by the Olympics (some time in the distant future).

After many years of hard work by a group of dedicated individuals, the IFPA was recently granted 501(c)(3) "Public charity" status as an "interenational amateur sports organization" by the U. S. Government. This means that contributions to IFPA are tax-deductible and our non-profit status can be very helpful to event organizers and others working with their local communities.


When you think of IFPA, don't think of it as being some big organization that's centrally controlled by one or two people. In fact, please think the exact opposite -- think of it as an umbrella (with financial resources and all the benefits of public charitable status above) that YOU can take advantage of to help promote footbag in your area. And yes, I mean everywhere (not just North America). Right now IFPA owns and runs the web site and we will be posting information and further member benefits as things develop. All of the directors are available online to assist you, answer questions, and accept any help or ideas that members have. You can send me questions, concerns, flames,

Please join us now and contribute to the sport we all love. Be a part of the direction of IFPA by participating on a committee or just sending your ideas! The first step is easy. Find out how to join in by clicking here.

YOUR sport is on the rise, join in!

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